Full Coverage Bras


A full-coverage bra is a type of bra that provides maximum coverage and support for the breasts. It is designed to, offer more fabric and coverage compared to other bra styles.

Full-coverage bras typically feature cups that are designed to completely cover the breasts, providing a higher neckline and minimizing cleavage. offering a secure and supportive fit.

Full-coverage bras often have wider side panels that extend from the cups to the back closure. These panels provide additional support. The center bridge of a full-coverage bra is higher compared to other bra styles.

Full coverage bras typically feature wider and more substantial straps and this feature minimizes the discomfort on the shoulders. These straps are often adjustable to allow for a customized fit.

Full-coverage bras commonly have a back closure with multiple hooks and eyes to ensure a secure and supportive fit around the torso. The back closure may also have additional reinforcement, such as a wider band or multiple panels, for added stability and comfort.

Support and Lift: One of the primary purposes of a full-coverage bra is to provide excellent support and lift.

Full-coverage bras are popular among individuals who prefer more coverage, support, and modesty. They are particularly suitable for those with larger cup sizes or those who desire maximum support and shaping. Full-coverage bras are versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, including tops with higher necklines or more structured fabrics.

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Full Coverage Bras